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I accidentally spoiled myself for a very important part of Assassin's Creed IV, a game that I'm not even half way done playing. I didn't mean to, honest! It's just that I love this character so much, and I wanted to see what fanart people had made, so I searched their name on tumblr, and well, tada, spoiled.

But oh, it is the BEST spoiler. Seriously, if you never plan on playing the game, but love characters doing stuff outside of their gender roles, you should read this spoiler. I think you'll feel like I do. At least I hope.

So in AC IV, you play a pirate. One of the other pirates you meet is James Kidd, who is apparently the bastard of William Kidd. The first time I saw this character, and heard 'em speak, I thought, 'is that a guy or a gal?' because the character is very androgynous. But then you learn the name, and okay, so it's a guy.

But in my head James was actually Jamie, the bastard daughter, who went to live with her father after her mother died, and William was all, what am I gonna do with a daughter, but Jamie was like whatever, and wore pants and very nimbly climbed up to the crow's nest. And Jamie is easily the nickname for a boy, so none of the other crew knew, even William forgot that he had a daughter, not a son. As she got older, she bound her breasts and had to stick rags in her pants once a month, but no one ever knew the difference. And when she got her own ship and meet other pirates, she introduced herself as James.

Anyway, the above backstory developed in my head rather quickly. I had an idea of attempting to draw her, possibly while she was binding her breasts, but I needed a reference picture. Plus, I wanted to see the fanart other people had done. So I searched for 'james kidd' on tumblr.

I guess the story in my head wasn't too crazy after all, because Kidd really IS a gal! A cross-dressing pirate gal! I don't know what her story is (all I know is that she has a different name that is not Jamie or James), but I can't wait to find out, because cross-dressing pirate gal!



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