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While trying to find an envelope, I found instead a black composition book that has notes for stories I never wrote and will probably never write.

The first story idea was a crossover/fusion of Due South and Fallout 3 where Fraser is the Vault Wanderer who leaves the Vault to wander the Chicago Wasteland in search of his father, meeting Diefenbaker and Ray K along the way. The idea came to me back in 2009.

The second story idea was a Torchwood/Doctor Who AU where Ianto encounters the Weeping Angels, is sent back to 1913, and six months later meets Martha Jones and "John Smith". Elsewhere I have even more notes on this universe, that got confusing and timey wimey, this idea here only being the first story of a conceived series. A series that never happened. This idea for this one was also back in 2009.

The third story idea was a fairy tale retelling in modern times. It was originally a tv show idea, I had even cast all the characters. This was in early 2010, over a year before "Once Upon a Time" aired. My idea wasn't quite the same thing, though. But it was more diverse, with Kandyse McClure as the modern day Sleeping Beauty and Michaela Conlin as the modern day Cinderella.

Who knows, maybe I will write one of these stories one day. You never know.


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