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I'm currently on episode 5 of You're Beautiful on Netflix. I have the the Hulu pages for Capital Scandal, Queen & I, Sukyunkwan Scandal, and Coffee Prince bookmarked to watch.

It is not enough. I needs me more kdrama, stat. Even if it will be a while before I get to watching it. I just need to know of the awesome kdrama that exist out there. [personal profile] skygiants, I'm looking at you. You're the reason I plan on watching all these shows. You must tell me of more!

Oh, Stylist, I love you and your clothes and your face. Although I don't know if it beats Tae Kyung's lip pursing sneer. So hard to choose between the two.

Date: 1/14/14 07:39 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] skygiants
GREAT CHOICES ALL. I also recommend Legend of the First King's Four Gods, which is INCREDIBLY EPIC; Queen In-Hyun's Man, which is an incredibly adorable time-traveling rom-com; and Queen Seon Deok, which is the one I am currently watching, and will keep you busy for QUITE A WHILE because it is SIXTY EPISODES LONG.


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