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I decided to go for a paid account again. Now I have to narrow all the icons I have saved down to 73. Less than that, really, since I kind of want to find icons for some of my more reason fandoms, like The Hunger Games, Teen Wolf, Adventure Time. That sort of stuff.

Too many choices. Too many.
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I finished rewatching Book 1 of AtLA last night. The results were much more pleasing than the 8 episodes before.

On names: names are a funny thing. Especially when you have characters such as the Mechanist and the Herbalist. That's why I decided to go back to the basic rule: two women, having a conversation. I would prefer them to have a name, but if not, I'll live. Kinda.

Book 1, Chapters 13-20 )

It may be a little bit before I start Book 2. I had 15 (!) items come into the library between yesterday and today, one of which was a tv show. I also might do a review (but not a Bechdel testing) of the first part of the AtLA graphic novel "The Lost Adventures". I'm thinking after I finish watching a season, I'll review the part of TLA that corresponds with that season. And before I start Legend of Korra, I'll review "The Promise". I probably won't do "The Search" until all the volumes are out.

Oh, in case you hadn't heard? Two more months until new Korra! Woooo!
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Apparently my library has a limit of 30 holds at a time. I discovered this as I tried to put item #31 on hold. Boo. Although I'm number 1 in line for half of them, so they should come in pretty quickly.

Oh, speaking of books, I should check when the next volume of "The Search" comes out. Oh, it came out yesterday! Awesome. And volume 3 is in October, which, since it's almost August (man, I can't believe it's almost August), isn't too far off. A shorter wait than the two movies I want to see in November.

In the meantime, I should probably read one of the books that I've owned for a while, but never read and/or finished.

Or sleep. Since I've been up since 4am this morning. Sleep sounds better.
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Today's episodes in my rewatch of Avatar the Last Airbender to see if an episode passes the Bechdel were disappointing. I watched Book 1, Chapters 5 thru 12. In those eight episodes, there were two named female characters total: Katara who was in every one, and Smellerbee who was only in "Jet". There were five female characters who spoke more than one line: Katara, Smellerbee, Haru's mother ("Imprisoned"), the Juang leader ("The Great Divide"), and the fisherman's wife ("The Storm"). Katara and Smellerbee never spoke to each other; Katara and Haru's mother only spoke of Haru and his dad; Katara and the Juang leader never spoke; and Katara and the fisherman's wife only spoke of the fisherman and Sokka.

Three fifths of the way through season one, and I'm thinking I'm going to have to wait until season two before we get an episode that passes the test.

The rest of the season will probably won't be until Wednesday. Until then!
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For the last couple of months, my brother and I have been going and seeing the first showing of a movie each Sunday. Today was the same, but different. Instead of going into the same theater, we went into different ones: he watched "Pacific Rim" and I watched "The Heat".

As we were going into the theater, I said something about how I was quite sure my movie was going to pass all parts of the Bechdel test. My brother, who had never heard of it, became intrigued, and after the movies, looked up info about it. That led to a conversation about different tv shows and anime and whether they passed the test.

All this made me decide to put my newly acquired Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra dvds to good use. Besides rewatching all the episodes, I'm going to see if each episode passes all to none of the parts of the test.

The qualifications to pass the test completely are:
1) There are two female characters [I like the variance that says they must be named famales, so I'm going to use that version].
2) They have at least one conversation [To me, a conversation has to have back and forth, like gal 1 talks, then gal 2 talks, then gal 1 talks again].
3) The conversation is not about men [This one has always confused me. If they have multiple conversations, does every one of them have to not be about men? Or does just one of them have to be about something other than men? For this I'm going with the second case].

Enought yakking from me. Let's get this show on the road.

Avatar the Last Airbender - Book 1 - Episodes 1-4 )

Episodes 5-8 (and maybe 9-12) tomorrow!
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So I just watched the season finale of White Collar.

My feelings, let me tell them to you. )
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There's something fun and exciting about fusing two fandoms together. It's even more interesting when within one of the fandoms there are classes that different people fall into. It forces you to think, 'well, if characters X, Y, and Z were in World B, what would they be?' Sometimes it's really hard, because a character could have aspects of all the different classes. Which is okay! That just means they're a well rounded character. You also have to be careful, because most of the time these classes have colors associated with them. Just because this character has fiery red hair doesn't mean they're automatically a Gryffindor or a Firebender. Yes, he wears green, no, that doesn't automatically qualify as an Earthbender. Also, you don't have to break them up. It seems to be an automatic thing that if you take a group of four from one fandom, and put them in another fandom that has four classes, you -have- to put one in each. You really don't. I understand wanting to (and honestly, that's what I tend to end up doing, splitting them evenly, or at least trying to), because then you have a group of all four Hogwarts houses or all four Nations. But if it doesn't feel in character for the characters, then don't.

Harry Potter and Avatar the Last Airbender are two of those worlds with classes that people seem to like to stick other characters into. Homestuck is probably another popular one, since you're given more options with Classes and Aspects. I've also done some poking with the ElfQuest world (are they Wolfriders? Go Backs? Wave Dancers?)

Then there's taking a character each from four different fandoms and making them a group. Like Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, which is my new favorite crack fandom crossover. (I totally blame seeing this post on tumblr.) Which is really what sparked me writing this entry in the first place. Eventually, maybe, I'll make a post with my own sortings and why. As I said, it's fun to think about these things.
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I just finished transferring over most of the many many vids I've accumulated over the years (I say most because I left out the really old Spuffy ones (yes, I was a Spike/Buffy shipper. yes, I used the term Spuffy) to my laptop's hard drive.

Grand total: 280 vids. 76 (27%) are Doctor Who related. Another 25%(ish) are Merlin and Whedon shows. The rest fall in a wide variety of fandoms.

At one time I thought of making a vid rec post. Iiii don't think that will be happening any time soon.
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My 30 something birthday so far:

- worked a pretty easy four hours at work this morning
- talked to the cute guy on the home entertainment section of Best Buy about how everything is going to "the cloud"

Now I'm meeting a couple of the girls for lunch, and this evening is gaming. I think today will be a pretty good birthday.
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I just watched the episode of NCIS that had Alex Kingston guest star. Her character on NCIS was 'a woman with many aliases,' which had me grinning. And I think I may have squeeed when she said the word 'pond.' I definitely rewound so I could hear her say it again.

Seriously, River Song has ruined me for all other roles Alex may play. *shakes fist* *but only a little bit*
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Things I'm learning about my computer:

Apparently, if you in a Windows 8 IE window (which is different than a Desktop IE window), you can only have 10 tabs open. And if you try to open more than that, the older ones just disappear. Suck.

Looks like I might have to do some of my browsing in a Desktop IE window. Or download a different browser.

Which browser do you use and/or recommend?

tee vee

Jan. 6th, 2013 07:01 pm
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Shows I need to catch up on:
- Sherlock (haven't seen second season)
- Warehouse 13 (think I'm just a season behind)
- Castle (a couple of seasons behind there)
- NCIS (all of this season, which is sitting on the DVR waiting for me to watch)
- Merlin (the final season, which I hear is horrible to women, but still want to see)
- How the States Got Their Shape (episodes sitting on DVR to watch)

Shows I'm caught up on:
- How I Met Your Mother (I'm guessing there's one more season after this one)
- 2 Broke Girls (Kat Dennings is hot)
- Elementary (omg, next week's episode)
- The Big Bang Theory (forever facepalming at Sheldon)

Shows I'm looking forward to starting back up:
- Doctor Who (new companion, who are you really)
- Legend of Korra (I wonder what they're going to do now)
- White Collar (only a few more weeks!)
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New computer! It's a bit scary, since it has Windows 8 on it, which is sooo different from all past Windows OSs. It's like, okay, where the heck do I find control panel? How do I change this? Too many apps that I'm not going to use.

I miss the days when getting on the computer was a lot simpler.

I hope I figured out the issue I was having with dreamwidth, that way I can spend a lot more time here without having to resort to reading my reading page on my phone. If not, I just might scream. Rar!
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I thought I could make it until midnight, but the being up since 3:30 this morning plus two butterbeers say otherwise. Therefore, I head to bed, and wish all of you a Happy New Year. <3
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I like dreamwidth, I do. But it's a little frustrating when you've been away for a few months, and when you come back to using it, it keeps logging you out when I haven't asked to logged out. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do I fix it?
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Recently I discovered that one of the people I follow on tumblr is also a member of [community profile] white_lotus. This morning I'm checking my tumblr feed, and I freeze, because I see a very familiar name mentioned: bookelfe. What. I look at who mentioned this name: innerbrat. Even more whats.

The world wide web. So very huge, yet so very small.
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I finally got around to watching the last episodes of NCIS. Have a reaction. )
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I continue to be addicted to tumblr. I love it, though, because I find all sorts of awesome fanart for Korra and Homestuck. I also find awesome fashion posts and awesome wall-of-nothing-but-books posts.

The only problem with my addiction is that it's been quite some time since I've been on dreamwidth. I'm sorry, everyone! I've missed you! I'm catching up on journals right now, and then I'll try to make sure I check my reading page at least once every couple of days, instead of, you know, not being on for three weeks. Oops.

Uhhh, other than that, my life hasn't been that exciting. Work, work, work, mostly, with goats and cats mixed in. That one of the sucky things about being an adult. At least this weekend I get to see some of my friends.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!


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