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Although I don't play at Milliways anymore, it is quite obvious that it and the characters I played will always be a part of me.

I'm currently reading "The Heroes of Olympus" series by Rick Riordan, which is the sequel series to the Percy Jackson books.

The first book had mention of Iris having kids, which had me wishing I still played and someone else played her son. Oh, the fun!

The second book had Iris herself, which had me grinning and adjusting my mental image of the goddess, and wishing I could bring this Iris into the bar.

I'm on the third book, and one of the characters said something, and out of nowhere this girl repeats what he said. I don't have to read any further to know who that is. I squealed out loud, along with an "Echo!", all the while grinning like a loon. I imagine I'll be grinning throughout the whole part she's in. Because. Echo!

So yeah, Milliways still has a grip on me.
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I have 20 days to finish 13 items, 13 days to finish a tv show season, and 18 days to finish another item (which I can't start yet until the book before it comes in and I read that one). Plus I'm getting another two books today, which will make it 21 days for them.

So basically, I have to finish 17 items in roughly three weeks if I don't want to renew them. That's a little less than 3 days per item.

Also, my hold list jumped up from 15 to 26. *facepalms*
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I finished rewatching Book 1 of AtLA last night. The results were much more pleasing than the 8 episodes before.

On names: names are a funny thing. Especially when you have characters such as the Mechanist and the Herbalist. That's why I decided to go back to the basic rule: two women, having a conversation. I would prefer them to have a name, but if not, I'll live. Kinda.

Book 1, Chapters 13-20 )

It may be a little bit before I start Book 2. I had 15 (!) items come into the library between yesterday and today, one of which was a tv show. I also might do a review (but not a Bechdel testing) of the first part of the AtLA graphic novel "The Lost Adventures". I'm thinking after I finish watching a season, I'll review the part of TLA that corresponds with that season. And before I start Legend of Korra, I'll review "The Promise". I probably won't do "The Search" until all the volumes are out.

Oh, in case you hadn't heard? Two more months until new Korra! Woooo!
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Apparently my library has a limit of 30 holds at a time. I discovered this as I tried to put item #31 on hold. Boo. Although I'm number 1 in line for half of them, so they should come in pretty quickly.

Oh, speaking of books, I should check when the next volume of "The Search" comes out. Oh, it came out yesterday! Awesome. And volume 3 is in October, which, since it's almost August (man, I can't believe it's almost August), isn't too far off. A shorter wait than the two movies I want to see in November.

In the meantime, I should probably read one of the books that I've owned for a while, but never read and/or finished.

Or sleep. Since I've been up since 4am this morning. Sleep sounds better.
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I did not know this, but apparently you can only go back 2 weeks or 1000 entries on your reading page, whichever comes first. That tells you that it's been quite awhile since I've been on any journaling sites. But I think I got mostly caught up. All I have left to read is a bunch of [community profile] month_of_meta articles. I probably won't get them done until after I get off work tomorrow, though.

It's not like I haven't been online, because I have. I've just been absorbed in other things on the internet. Mostly Homestuck, which, holy cow, I totally should have started reading it when I first saw it mentioned. I'm not caught up yet, but I'm finally into 2012, so I'm almost there. I'm switching away from it for a little bit so I can catch up on other things, like my reading page, watching Buffy and Angel and reading Mark Watches, the several episodes of tv shows I have recorded on the DVR.

What else has been going on? Let's see, there's been work. I read all three of the Hunger Games books in four days. I went to see the movie with friends. Uhhh. I don't know, nothing really that exciting. That's probably why I haven't updated much lately. I've made less than 20 posts so far in 2012. Which really isn't a lot.

Anyway, I have to run off now, but I promise I'll try to update a little sooner than three and a half weeks. I hope you all have been having a wonderful March!
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Last year's reading list plus a meme.

My 2011 book list is here. The last book was actually finished after midnight on New Year's Eve, but since it was only the last chapter left, and within an hour of midnight (making it still 2011 on the West coast), I think it counts for 2011.

the year of single sentences meme )
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I don't read a lot of nonfiction. You'll find me more often in the fiction section of a bookstore or library, usually science fiction or mystery. But occasionally (actually more often than usual in the past year) I'll pick up a nonfiction book and read it.

One such book that I just spent the past twelve hours reading from start to finish was The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine.

The "world's most expensive bottle of wine" refers to a bottle of wine sold on auction at Christie's of London in 1985. The bottle was supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson, and that fact alone brought the final price to be $156,000. However, doubts rise about the authicity of the bottle of wine. Who do you believe, the German wine collector who has a knack for finding extremely old and rare vintages? The British auctioneer whose expertise in wine tasting is highly regarded? The American tycoon who wants to know the truth behind the supposed "Thomas Jefferson" bottles of wine he bought? It will two decades of suspicions before long wondered questions about the wine get answered.

Woven within the narrative was a history of wine, since wine and its drinkers is what the book is mostly about. It was really interesting and informative, despite the fact that fact that I'm not a wine drinker and don't really like wine.

I think what really helped me enjoy the book was the narrative fashion of it. That, and the mystery and intrigue. Are there any other narrative nonfiction books that have some sort of mystery to them that you big readers out there can recommend? Thank you kindly in advance, if you know of any.
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I wish I wasn't rubbish at book reviews, because then this entry would be about Ekaterina Sedia's The Alchemy of Stone. The story revolves around Mattie, an Alchemist who is trying to solve the problem of the gargoyles turning completely into stone, while living in a city that's going through a scientific revolution. The kicker? Mattie is an automaton.

Instead, I'm catching up on [personal profile] skygiants' booklogging entries. I'm back on May, which puts me somewhere between 30 and 40 entries to read. I swear, my to read list keeps getting longer instead of shorter.
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I wrote Doctor Who fic. Amy-Doctor/River-Rory sedoretu fic to be precise.

From Morning to Night: a Doctor Who/Ursula K. Le Guin's Planet O fusion
Amy-Doctor/River-Rory sedoretu (Amy/Rory, Amy/River, Doctor/River, Doctor/Rory)
The thing about love and marriage is this: sometimes it's with more than one person.


I also just discovered that Sherlock Holmes sedoretu has been written! I haven't read it yet, but I imagine that it's awesome.

Diurnal (John/Sherlock/Mary/Irene)
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Since the book is due today, I need to finally get this rec posted. So here goes!

I can't remember if it was the title, Here Lies Arthur, or the author, Philip Reeve, that caused me to pick up the book, but it was definitely the combination of the two that got me to check it out. That, and this sentence from the summery on the inside of the cover: In the course of their travels, Myrddin transforms Gwyna into the mysterious Lady of the Lake, a boy warrior, and a spy.

Hey look, there's a wikipedia page for the book! It says everything I wanted to say, only much better than I would have been able to, so please excuse me while I copy and paste.

The novel starts with an attack by Arthur and his war-band, and the escape of Gwyna, a servant girl. She is found by Myrddin, a bard who hopes to build Arthur's reputation as a great hero so that he can unite the native British against the Saxons who have occupied the east of the country. Myrddin tells Gwyna to give Arthur Caliburn while pretending to be the Lady of the Lake. When she does that successfully, Myrddin disguises her in boy's clothes so that she can travel with the war-band as his servant.

Throughout her travels, she meets a boy who was brought up as a girl, tricks a holy man, swims in the Roman baths of Aquae Sulis, takes part in a battle, and witnesses Arthur's brutality, piousness and immorality, all the while observing her master create the fantastic stories that have made 'King Arthur' one of the most famous men in legend. After Arthur's death she creates some stories herself, conceding that the legend is more important than the mere facts.

Gwyna/Gwyn: the narrator, a servant girl who spends much of the book disguised as a boy
Myrddin: her master, a Celtic bard, Arthur's adviser
Arthur, nicknamed the Bear: the leader of a Romano-British war-band
Gwenhwyfar: a relative of Ambrosius Aurelianus, later Arthur's wife
Cei: Arthur's half-brother and a friend to Myrddin
Bedwyr: Gwyn's friend, later Gwenhwyfar's lover
Medrawt: Bedwyr's older brother, a warrior
Peredur: son of a famous warrior, raised as a girl by his widowed mother, later Gwyna's lover

[from Wikipidia]

Anyway, one of the things I liked about the book is how it felt real. Magical things are explained off as tricks and stories. The names of people and places are pretty close to what they would have actually been back then. Phillip Reeve says this isn't "a historical novel, and in writing it I did not set out to portray "the real King Arthur," only to add my own little thimbleful to the sea of stories which surrounds him." But it feels like it could be.

Another thing I liked is the importance and power of stories within the book. Why do we think of Arthur, the Once and Future King, King of all Britain, the way we do? Because of stories.

So if you like stories of stories, cross dressing girls, cross dressing boys, Authurian legend, and/or Phillip Reeve, I think you will really like this book. Even if you don't like that stuff, I still highly recommend Here Lies Arthur. You just might change your mind.
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Happy New Year! This last year I tried to read a lot more than I have in the past few years. I am quite satisfied with my results. So now, a breakdown of the books I read.

List of books: here (numbers are slightly off, as manga series were listed with a single number, instead of a number for each volume)

Total number of books (including manga volumes): 111
Average rate of reading: 1 book every 3.288 days
Most common author (not manga): Lemony Snicket (15)
Oldest (by first publication date): Mary, A Fiction (1788)
Most recently: The Tardis Handbook (May 2010)
Most common genres that are not generic: Science Fiction and Mystery
E books: 12
J books: 42
YA books: 3
Graphic fiction: 43 (counts each manga volume)
Series (not manga) [must be numbered]: 3
Manga series: 3
Book most likely to read again: The Westing Game

Author breakdown by numbers )

Okay, back to my first book of 2011.
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I just finished reading the final chapter of Full Metal Alchemist.

Now I'm going to recommend the series to everyone.

Seriously. Go read it. It's awesome.

Full Metal Alchemist on onemanga.com


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