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I like dreamwidth, I do. But it's a little frustrating when you've been away for a few months, and when you come back to using it, it keeps logging you out when I haven't asked to logged out. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do I fix it?
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If you found yourself with a new subscriber and given access to this journal, hey there! This is [livejournal.com profile] oneechan19. I'm currently working on adding journals to my reading list. If I have you friended on livejournal or have subscribed/given access to you with my other dreamwidth journal, the one that is rarely updated, then I'm doing the same with this journal.

One other thing: could you recommend to me some people on dreamwidth who have similar interests that I have? If you've read my livejournal, then you'll know what I like.
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My LJ is all transferred, so now it's time for my first official post on dreamwidth with this journal. Hello! There's still a lot I need to do with the journal, like custom settings and uploading icons and friending people. Plus I have to finish transferring my fic to [personal profile] januar_fic and messing around with the settings on that. I might actually not have everything friend-locked (well, access only, in dreamwidth terms) over here, I don't know. It just depends.

Okay, time to do my first crosspost (which I will be doing, no worries LJ people who aren't on dreamwidth). Then maybe I'll be able to go back to sleep. After I watch another vid or two. And read some image heavy entries that would kill my internet during the day.


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