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While trying to find an envelope, I found instead a black composition book that has notes for stories I never wrote and will probably never write.

The first story idea was a crossover/fusion of Due South and Fallout 3 where Fraser is the Vault Wanderer who leaves the Vault to wander the Chicago Wasteland in search of his father, meeting Diefenbaker and Ray K along the way. The idea came to me back in 2009.

The second story idea was a Torchwood/Doctor Who AU where Ianto encounters the Weeping Angels, is sent back to 1913, and six months later meets Martha Jones and "John Smith". Elsewhere I have even more notes on this universe, that got confusing and timey wimey, this idea here only being the first story of a conceived series. A series that never happened. This idea for this one was also back in 2009.

The third story idea was a fairy tale retelling in modern times. It was originally a tv show idea, I had even cast all the characters. This was in early 2010, over a year before "Once Upon a Time" aired. My idea wasn't quite the same thing, though. But it was more diverse, with Kandyse McClure as the modern day Sleeping Beauty and Michaela Conlin as the modern day Cinderella.

Who knows, maybe I will write one of these stories one day. You never know.
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After watching the anime S•A: Special A, I want the crossover where Hikari and Haruhi are college roommates, and they end up meeting each other's respective groups (Hikari meeting the Host Club and Haruhi meeting the SA). There would be so many shinanigans!

Ooh, and there's the fact that Haruhi has to rank first in class to maintain her scholarship at Ouran. Who would win if it was her against Kei?

Oooooh! I just learned that the last volume of Ouran Host Club, volume 18, had extra short stories at the end! How did it take me so long to learn of this? Must find!
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[personal profile] kaydeefalls' Kaylee vid and the fact that I've been reading steampunk makes me want steampunk!Firefly fic. Mostly the women of Firefly, like Inara in a corset but still kicking butt, and Kaylee being very skilled at clockwork and engines, and Zoe being, well, I'm not sure. Something fabulous, of course.

Speaking of fic I want, a section of The Billionaire's Vinegar gave me a desire for White Collar fic where Peter and Neal working on a case regarding counterfeit wine.

Okay, back to steampunk reading. Fun times.
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Because of a couple of memes, I made a list of all the plot bunnies and WIPs I've had in the past five years but have never been completely written. Hooooly shit. It is a lot. I won't share the list, but I'll share the statistics of it (number each year, fandoms, etc.).

Total number: 72
• 07 - 16
• 07/08 - 2
• 08 - 12
• 09 - 17
• 10 - 14
• 10/11 - 4
• 11 - 4
• ?? - 1
Number of fandoms (including minor that may be being fused with main): 36
• Doctor Who/Torchwood - 21
• Stargate Atlantis/SG1 - 19
• Merlin - 8
• Due South - 7
• Bandom - 6
• Harry Potter - 5
• Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 3
• Firefly - 3
• NCIS - 3
• only one or two in fandom - 28
Crossovers/fusions: 39
AUs (not including crossovers/fusions): 13
Series: 6

Number that will actually be written and finished: uhhhhhh. The most likely ones would be the ideas from '10 and '11, since most are my current fandoms.

Now I just need to never have any ideas again. ... yeah right.
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This morning I woke up with my brain thinking about the Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover I thought of back at the end of May but have done nothing with.

Unfortunately, my newest idea, which was actually some backstory for the main story, can stand by itself as a Doctor Who story. Where the Doctor and River Song go to the time of King Arthur and Morgan le Fay turns out to be the Rani and the Doctor ends up getting known as Merlin and River is the Lady of the Lake.

Of course, I know nothing about the Rani other than she's a female Time Lord the Doctor goes up against. And, well, I really really really don't need another plot bunny in my head.

That said, I seem to already be looking up info on the Rani and the Lady of the Lake. *facepalms at self*
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For quite some time (at least back to November of last year) I've been trying to figure out how to fit the characters of Harry Potter into a sedoretu society.

For those who don't know what a sedoretu is, in the society that has sedoretu, there are moeities. You are either a Morning or an Evening. Your moeity is that of your mother. You only have sex with someone of the opposite moeity. A sedoretu is (usually) a marriage between four people, a man and a woman of the Morning and a man and a women of the Evening. Within that marriage the two men can have sex together, the two women can have sex together, and each woman can have sex with the man of the opposite moeity. Got it? Good.

Now I get all rambling and say lots of words about the actual characters of Harry Potter and what moeities they could be and what sedoretu they could form. )

One final sedoretu: The Founders of Hogwarts.

Wow, that was a lot. Now I just have to get myself to write the stories. Meeps.
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I finally got a master list entry made of my fanfiction. It can be found here.

I've gotten to the point where I can only watch so much Classic Who at a time, especially if it's a really long serial. I started watching "The Monster of Peladon", but had to take a break. Maybe I'll finish it tonight.

A Doctor Who(ish) rec. Which is really a Merlin rec, but it's one where Morgana is a Time Lord (which is AWESOME). Therefore: Indistinguishable From Magic by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k.

Speaking of secret Time Lords, I have this idea of someone who is totally one (a secret time lord, that is), but the hard part it making it work. See, the person is from a world of magic, but there really isn't magic in Doctor Who, just science, so I'm trying to figure out how to explain the magic with science. Obviously I don't want to steal [personal profile] netgirl_y2k's ideas of why there's magic in Camelot. You see my problem?

I might just have to sit down and really really think. And do research. Yay, research.
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A comment on an entry on my friends list about Eleven-Amy/Rory-River being a sedoretu (to which I say YES and, um, may already be working on fic of that nature ¬_¬ ) got me back to thinking about other fandoms that you could in incorporate this style of marriage. Avatar: The Last Airbender seems a perfect candidate, since the number four (four different nations) is already incorporated into canon. Only I've hit a snag.

Who is morning and who is evening? )

So you know what? I'm going to stop over thinking and go with this. )

Now that I have this out of my brain (at least for now), I can concentrate on figuring out how to work Eleven-Amy/Rory-River, especially with River being all complicated and such.
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I think I figured out what I'm doing for my [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo prompt Fantasy & Supernatural: Angels and Demons. *can't help but be totally amused by it*

A very short teaser:

She lifts a delicate eyebrow at him. "Of all the beings they could have sent as a replacement, you are the last I would have expected."

ETA: Up over 700 words! And the minimum is 500 words! This isn't going to be super long, I feel. It -could- be longer, if I wanted it to be. But... I think I'm perfectly happy with a shorter fic. Maybe I'll even get it done tonight!
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Okay, question time.

How do you define meta? Because, okay, I have an idea for one of my [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo prompts, but I think it would work better as a meta than as a fic. The thing is, I don't want to write what I think is meta to then find out that no, it's not meta, it doesn't fall into the criteria.

So... help? What say you?
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Feel free to ignore; this is just a list of plot bunnies that have floated in my head at various times in the last year, some of which I have mentioned before, and others I haven't mentioned at all.

aka, things I will probably never end up writing )
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I'm finally listening to Fall Out Boy's newest CD. The sound of it is slightly different. And there are no lyrics in the booklet. :( But I still like it so far. Plus, Patrick Stump singing. I'm slightly in love with his singing. Maybe more than slightly. If there came a time that he was no longer Fall Out Boy's lead singer, I would probably stop listening to the group. It just wouldn't be the same.

My addiction to Fallout 3 has reached a new point: now I'm thinking of fanfic crossovers with it. Like SGA, and Doctor Who. They probably won't get written, but that doesn't stop me of thinking of them.

Gotta get up at 530 tomorrow morning. Hmm. Maybe I won't even sleep. I can always sleep in the car for the six hour drive...
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Yeah, sorry if I scare anyone off with this. Don't mean to. Pain and frustration makes you do the wacky.
One day, Xander recieved a package in the mail from Spike. Since Xander was secretly madly in love with Spike, he took the package inside and opened it. Inside was a stuffed groundhog. But it was a special groundhog. Cause it did something when it saw its shadow. The groundhog looked down and saw its shadow. With a growl, it turned into a vicious beast with nasty fangs and claws, and it attacked Xander. But since this isn't a cartoon, Xander died from the vicious attack. Spike entered the house, picked up Xander's corpse and took it into the bedroom, where he cuddled up with it in the bed. With a smile on his face, Spike muttered, "Mine. No share." before falling asleep happily next to Xander's dead body. The End
Warned you that I was morbid. Hopefully, this pain and frustration passes soon.

I really really wish it was Friday/Saturday.


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