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It's hard to believe that I used to post everyday. What on earth did I talk about? Because I'm sitting here thinking, okay, what the heck am I going to post about? I'm really going to do this everyday for 30 days?

I guess I could talk about how I really want it to be November, since November means Ender's Game, Thor, Catching Fire & Doctor Who. It also means I get my vacation pay, since I was hired that month. Mmm, vacation. Maybe I'll head to the East coast the next time I take a vacation. Or just a road trip. Now the big question is, when will I actually get to take a vacation, and can I really afford to?
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Saw The Avengers yesterday. My reaction would not give it justice, so I'm just gonna go read everyone else's reactions. XD
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I did not know this, but apparently you can only go back 2 weeks or 1000 entries on your reading page, whichever comes first. That tells you that it's been quite awhile since I've been on any journaling sites. But I think I got mostly caught up. All I have left to read is a bunch of [community profile] month_of_meta articles. I probably won't get them done until after I get off work tomorrow, though.

It's not like I haven't been online, because I have. I've just been absorbed in other things on the internet. Mostly Homestuck, which, holy cow, I totally should have started reading it when I first saw it mentioned. I'm not caught up yet, but I'm finally into 2012, so I'm almost there. I'm switching away from it for a little bit so I can catch up on other things, like my reading page, watching Buffy and Angel and reading Mark Watches, the several episodes of tv shows I have recorded on the DVR.

What else has been going on? Let's see, there's been work. I read all three of the Hunger Games books in four days. I went to see the movie with friends. Uhhh. I don't know, nothing really that exciting. That's probably why I haven't updated much lately. I've made less than 20 posts so far in 2012. Which really isn't a lot.

Anyway, I have to run off now, but I promise I'll try to update a little sooner than three and a half weeks. I hope you all have been having a wonderful March!
januar: Black Widow from the Avengers trailer with explosions behind her ([marvel] black widow)
The official teaser trailer for The Avengers.

Is it May yet? No, seriously. IS IT MAY YET.

*watches trailer again* *and again*

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I went and saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows this afternoon.

My feelings on the movie, let me show them to you. )

Final judgement: better than the first? Mm, not sure. But it was awesome, none the less.
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I know I didn't do my 5 days of fandom post yesterday. That's because I wasn't feeling well (still not feeling well) and went to bed before 8pm. I know what I'm going to post about, just don't know when it will happen. The next post might not happen for awhile. Sorry.

Meanwhile, I've finally seen Inception, a year after the rest of the world. So now I have to ask: what triggered people to ship Arthur and Eames? Was it the one time Eames called Arthur "darling"? Or what? If you ship them, let me know why, I'm curious.
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Watching X-Men: First Class has given me the desire to watch other X-Men things. I could rewatch the original three movies, or I could finally watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or I could watch some classic X-Men, as in the cartoon from the early 90s.

Speaking of the X-Men cartoon, does anyone else remember when Fox actually had cartoons on in the afternoon (X-Men was one of them)? And do you remember the Fox Kids Club? And the magazine that would come in the mail and had the cards of different characters from different shows you could cut out? Oh, my childhood.

What I really want to do is read the serial X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong. Aaaand it looks like it's in marvel.com's digital comics, but it's not coming up for me for some reason. Woe.

Oh, one other thing. It makes me sad that if you want to see special features and deleted scenes for a movie anymore, you have to get the blu-ray version of it. The DVD version has hardly anything at all. At least the Thor DVD does have deleted scenes on it (which I have not watched yet but am looking forward to. LOKI.)
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I saw Cowboys & Aliens on Monday. It was good. Not as great as I was hoping, but that's probably because I'm not the biggest western fan. But it was still good. Olivia Wilde, you continue to be very very hot. I'm not planning to see In Time just because you'll be in that. Matt Bomer is also going to be in it, that's why. Just kidding! The plot does sound intriguing. But having both of you in it will definitely be a bonus.

Speaking of Olivia Wilde, I've semi recently gotten into House. I've seen most of season one, part of season two, and all of seasons three thru five. Now I'm just waiting for my turn to come up for season six from the library.

Speaking of waiting for my turn to come up for items from the library, after several months and starting around 500th in line, my wait for Black Swan is finally over. I watched it this afternoon. Then, of course, I had to listen music from ballets. And then I had to watch certain episodes (well, more like scenes) from Princess Tutu. Like when Duck does the pas de deux by herself in episode 13, and when she and Fakir do their pas de deux at the bottom of the lake. Which means I now have a desire to read Duck/Fakir fic. Duuuuck. Fakiiiir.
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I went and saw Captain America today. Which I enjoyed a lot. Of all the Marvel movies that have come out? The ones that involve Avengers (Iron Man (and Iron Man 2), Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America) have been my favorites.

Speaking of Avengers, if you go and see Captain America? Make sure you stay through the whole credits. Because honestly? That's when I got the most excited. They showed a trailer for the Avengers movie. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I am soooooooo looking forward to it.

Is it May 2012 yet? Pretty please?

Off of the big screen and onto the small screen, I watched Eureka and Alphas this evening.

Eureka )

Alphas )

Again, because I can't say it enough, even if it has no effect: May 2012? Now? Please?
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Boy and I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 on Sunday. Afterwards, we walked several laps around the mall talking, while stopping once for Dippin' Dots at the food court and popping into the occational store. We both like to take things slow, so that's what we're doing.

But anyway, movie! Which is what this post is mostly about. My heart for the characters, oh my heart! )

There is so much more I probably want to say, but I can't remember them all, obviously, that's a good reason to go see the movie again. Maybe I'll even wear my Slytherin tie to it.
januar: Ron, Harry & Hermione from Harry Potter looking around a corner ([hp] trio)
I have finally seen Harry Potter and the Death Hallows, Part 1.

One thing about watching it on DVD is the ability to take notes during it. )

And there ends Part 1. They ended it at a good point. I'm looking forward to Part 2. Definitely going to try and see it in the theaters.


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