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Last night I was at a wedding reception, and a song started playing. I'm sitting there trying to figure where I've heard the song before. I finally figured out that it was a song used in a X-Men fanvid.

That's happened to me more than once: hearing a song for the first time in a fanvid, then hearing it on the radio or on tv. Then I have to go, "Okay, where have I heard this song? Oh, it's that fanvid!"
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I was watching vids last night, and one of them was to the song "Every You, Every Me" by Placebo.

I'm not sure at what point it was, but something clicked as I was listening to it. Quite possible the "something borrowed, something blue" line. I went back to the beginning of the vid and just listened to the song, not watching the actual vid.

So. If you wanted to do a vid on the relationship between the Doctor and his companions and give it a really bitter feel, this is the song to do it to.

Every You Every Me lyrics )

See? a box I choose; No other box I choose to use = TARDIS. All alone in space and time; There's nothing here but what here's mine; Something borrowed, something blue = again, TARDIS. Plus, Time Lord. And the "every me" is the different Doctors while the "every you" are the companions.

Aaargh, this is one of those times I wish I had any vidding skills at all.
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Title: Not Your Typical Peruvian Folk Band
Fandom: Doctor Who (AU)
Characters/pairings: Amy, Eleven, Rory; Amy/Rory, with past Amy/Eleven and hints of Amy/Eleven/Rory
Rating: PG-13, to be safe
Word count/track count: somewhere between 1k-2k words/16 songs
Spoilers: all of season five, no spoilers about next season.
Disclaimer: Amy and her boys do not belong to me.
Summary: An interview with the up-and-coming band, My Poncho Boys. For the [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo prompt "Other: Band".

Author note: This is my first ever fanmix. Meeps? This is also the first time I've ever written these characters. Double meeps? What made it even harder is that since it's an AU fanmix, there has to be some kind of story behind the songs. Why does My Poncho Boys sing these particular songs? So... I tried. If a lot of songs seem like they could be for canon, well, let's just say this universe is only a step over from the canon, hence the similarities. Anyway! Have at it.

Not Your Typical Peruvian Folk Band: A Doctor Who AU ficmix )
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I'm finally listening to Fall Out Boy's newest CD. The sound of it is slightly different. And there are no lyrics in the booklet. :( But I still like it so far. Plus, Patrick Stump singing. I'm slightly in love with his singing. Maybe more than slightly. If there came a time that he was no longer Fall Out Boy's lead singer, I would probably stop listening to the group. It just wouldn't be the same.

My addiction to Fallout 3 has reached a new point: now I'm thinking of fanfic crossovers with it. Like SGA, and Doctor Who. They probably won't get written, but that doesn't stop me of thinking of them.

Gotta get up at 530 tomorrow morning. Hmm. Maybe I won't even sleep. I can always sleep in the car for the six hour drive...


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