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I... may have become addicted to tumblr. *facepalms at self* Now, other than [tumblr.com profile] asofterhellmouth, where my A Softer World/Buffy the Vampire Slayer remixes are (there are a few posted there that I haven't posted here yet), I also have [tumblr.com profile] visions-of-january for all my reblogging needs.

Unfortunately, I have to watch myself and can only really look at tumblr during the non-limited-internet hours or at the library. I may have already killed the internet twice using tumblr. *winces*

Of course, it wasn't just me. It was a combination of me on tumblr and my brother working his way through Homestuck. He's now past Year One! Hooray! He just has two more years to go. I like to ask him where he's at and listen to his theories. Of course, I don't confirm or deny them. He'll find out soon enough. *grins*

Now I'm going to read Homestuck foursome fic and wish there was Homestuck sedoretu fic because it would PERFECT and AWESOME.
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Happy New Year, everyone!

In other news, watching season eight of NCIS gets me thinking about the sedoretu that could happen in that show.

My ot4 is definitely Abby/Tim/Tony/Ziva, with Abby and Tony being one moiety and Tim and Ziva being the other. Evidence: end of season eight. All I'm saying.

I also love the idea of Gibbs and Fornell once being in a sedoretu together, since they share an ex-wife (the ex-wife could be the same moeity as Gibbs). Seriously, when you see scenes of Fornell cooking pasta for the two of them that just scream domestic, you have to ship them.

Besides, I can't help but sing Aerosmith's "Love in an Elevator" every time Gibbs and Fornell have a meeting in the elevator.
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I don't know why I decided to do this, I just did. Each day this week, Monday through Friday, I'm going to make a fandom post, with each day having a theme. The post will have some info about that theme plus rec links. Anyway, let's get this started!


A sedoretu, in the simpliest and easiest form to explain, is a foursome. It's four people (usually, but not always, two men and two women) getting married. However, it's a lot more complicated than that, because a person in a sedoretu doesn't sleep with all three other people, only two of them. In the world where sedoretu exist, society is split into two moieties. Your moiety determines who you can have sex with, because you only have sex with people of the opposite moeity. To have sex with a person of the same moeity is taboo. In a sedoretu, there are two people of each moeity. Usually it's a man and woman of one moeity and a man and woman of the other. So a person in a sedoretu sleeps with the two people who are the opposite moeity. That makes six relationships within the marriage: four sexual, and two non-sexual.

I love the concept of the sedoretu. Ever since I first learned of it, which I think was the Merlin sedoretu fic, An Ever-Fixed Mark, I've loved it. I think every fandom should have at least one sedoretu fic. Sadly, that is definitely not the case. I know of seven sedoretu fic. And that's including the one I wrote. More people need to write sedoretu fic. Even if it's in a fandom I don't know, I would probably read it.

The creator of the sedoretu is Ursula K. Le Guin. She first introduced the concept of the sedoretu in her short story "A Fisherman of the Inland Sea" and brought the concept back in the short stories "Unchosen Love" and "Mountain Ways". I've only completely read the later two, which deal more with the actual sedoretu than "Fisherman" does. "Unchosen Love" and "Mountain Ways" are both in her collection of short stories, The Birthday of the World: And Other Stories.

Rec links )

There you have it. I highly encourage the thinking up of sedoretu in different fandoms. I've actually started a Harry Potter one, plus the other night I thought of Neal/Peter/Elizabeth/Sarah from White Collar.

If you have a post about sedoretu you've thought of, or know of any other sedoretu fic out there, let me know!
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I was laying in bed thinking about Harry Potter sedoretu when it occured to me why the sedoretu of James/Lily/Remus/Sirius is even more appropriate.

That scene from the seventh book. You know the scene. )

They are so Harry's parents. All of them. *sticks to this conviction*
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For quite some time (at least back to November of last year) I've been trying to figure out how to fit the characters of Harry Potter into a sedoretu society.

For those who don't know what a sedoretu is, in the society that has sedoretu, there are moeities. You are either a Morning or an Evening. Your moeity is that of your mother. You only have sex with someone of the opposite moeity. A sedoretu is (usually) a marriage between four people, a man and a woman of the Morning and a man and a women of the Evening. Within that marriage the two men can have sex together, the two women can have sex together, and each woman can have sex with the man of the opposite moeity. Got it? Good.

Now I get all rambling and say lots of words about the actual characters of Harry Potter and what moeities they could be and what sedoretu they could form. )

One final sedoretu: The Founders of Hogwarts.

Wow, that was a lot. Now I just have to get myself to write the stories. Meeps.
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I wrote Doctor Who fic. Amy-Doctor/River-Rory sedoretu fic to be precise.

From Morning to Night: a Doctor Who/Ursula K. Le Guin's Planet O fusion
Amy-Doctor/River-Rory sedoretu (Amy/Rory, Amy/River, Doctor/River, Doctor/Rory)
The thing about love and marriage is this: sometimes it's with more than one person.


I also just discovered that Sherlock Holmes sedoretu has been written! I haven't read it yet, but I imagine that it's awesome.

Diurnal (John/Sherlock/Mary/Irene)
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A comment on an entry on my friends list about Eleven-Amy/Rory-River being a sedoretu (to which I say YES and, um, may already be working on fic of that nature ¬_¬ ) got me back to thinking about other fandoms that you could in incorporate this style of marriage. Avatar: The Last Airbender seems a perfect candidate, since the number four (four different nations) is already incorporated into canon. Only I've hit a snag.

Who is morning and who is evening? )

So you know what? I'm going to stop over thinking and go with this. )

Now that I have this out of my brain (at least for now), I can concentrate on figuring out how to work Eleven-Amy/Rory-River, especially with River being all complicated and such.


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