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I continue to be addicted to tumblr. I love it, though, because I find all sorts of awesome fanart for Korra and Homestuck. I also find awesome fashion posts and awesome wall-of-nothing-but-books posts.

The only problem with my addiction is that it's been quite some time since I've been on dreamwidth. I'm sorry, everyone! I've missed you! I'm catching up on journals right now, and then I'll try to make sure I check my reading page at least once every couple of days, instead of, you know, not being on for three weeks. Oops.

Uhhh, other than that, my life hasn't been that exciting. Work, work, work, mostly, with goats and cats mixed in. That one of the sucky things about being an adult. At least this weekend I get to see some of my friends.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!
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With Christmas a week away, I thought I'd ask this question:

What deserts do you have around your home during the holiday season?

We always have a huge batch of sugar cookies. Then there are gooey bars, both regular and chocolate variety. Hello dollies, with each yummy layer. We also have pecan tarts, although they haven't been made yet this season. Mmm, pecans.

So! How about you?


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