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It's hard to believe that I used to post everyday. What on earth did I talk about? Because I'm sitting here thinking, okay, what the heck am I going to post about? I'm really going to do this everyday for 30 days?

I guess I could talk about how I really want it to be November, since November means Ender's Game, Thor, Catching Fire & Doctor Who. It also means I get my vacation pay, since I was hired that month. Mmm, vacation. Maybe I'll head to the East coast the next time I take a vacation. Or just a road trip. Now the big question is, when will I actually get to take a vacation, and can I really afford to?

tee vee

Jan. 6th, 2013 07:01 pm
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Shows I need to catch up on:
- Sherlock (haven't seen second season)
- Warehouse 13 (think I'm just a season behind)
- Castle (a couple of seasons behind there)
- NCIS (all of this season, which is sitting on the DVR waiting for me to watch)
- Merlin (the final season, which I hear is horrible to women, but still want to see)
- How the States Got Their Shape (episodes sitting on DVR to watch)

Shows I'm caught up on:
- How I Met Your Mother (I'm guessing there's one more season after this one)
- 2 Broke Girls (Kat Dennings is hot)
- Elementary (omg, next week's episode)
- The Big Bang Theory (forever facepalming at Sheldon)

Shows I'm looking forward to starting back up:
- Doctor Who (new companion, who are you really)
- Legend of Korra (I wonder what they're going to do now)
- White Collar (only a few more weeks!)
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Watching X-Men: First Class has given me the desire to watch other X-Men things. I could rewatch the original three movies, or I could finally watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or I could watch some classic X-Men, as in the cartoon from the early 90s.

Speaking of the X-Men cartoon, does anyone else remember when Fox actually had cartoons on in the afternoon (X-Men was one of them)? And do you remember the Fox Kids Club? And the magazine that would come in the mail and had the cards of different characters from different shows you could cut out? Oh, my childhood.

What I really want to do is read the serial X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong. Aaaand it looks like it's in marvel.com's digital comics, but it's not coming up for me for some reason. Woe.

Oh, one other thing. It makes me sad that if you want to see special features and deleted scenes for a movie anymore, you have to get the blu-ray version of it. The DVD version has hardly anything at all. At least the Thor DVD does have deleted scenes on it (which I have not watched yet but am looking forward to. LOKI.)


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