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I'm currently watching the season six House episode "Tyrant". The big guest star is James Earl Jones, but what I noticed was when they listed the name David Marciano as one of the guest stars. I knew that name. When he showed up on screen, he looked kind of familiar, but I couldn't place him. I brought up the wikipedia page for the episode and just stared at the name for a about a minute. Then it dawned on me. Vecchio! David Marciano played Ray Vecchio on Due South! That's why the name was familiar!

What makes it even more amusing? The character on House is Canadian.
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I saw Cowboys & Aliens on Monday. It was good. Not as great as I was hoping, but that's probably because I'm not the biggest western fan. But it was still good. Olivia Wilde, you continue to be very very hot. I'm not planning to see In Time just because you'll be in that. Matt Bomer is also going to be in it, that's why. Just kidding! The plot does sound intriguing. But having both of you in it will definitely be a bonus.

Speaking of Olivia Wilde, I've semi recently gotten into House. I've seen most of season one, part of season two, and all of seasons three thru five. Now I'm just waiting for my turn to come up for season six from the library.

Speaking of waiting for my turn to come up for items from the library, after several months and starting around 500th in line, my wait for Black Swan is finally over. I watched it this afternoon. Then, of course, I had to listen music from ballets. And then I had to watch certain episodes (well, more like scenes) from Princess Tutu. Like when Duck does the pas de deux by herself in episode 13, and when she and Fakir do their pas de deux at the bottom of the lake. Which means I now have a desire to read Duck/Fakir fic. Duuuuck. Fakiiiir.


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