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I'm finally caught up on NCIS.

You would think for a person who waited this long to watch the last six episodes of the season, the three week wait for the next season wouldn't be bad.

Oh my gosh, I want next season NOW. Although with the actor who's leaving, because the show just won't be the same without them. :(
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I just watched the episode of NCIS that had Alex Kingston guest star. Her character on NCIS was 'a woman with many aliases,' which had me grinning. And I think I may have squeeed when she said the word 'pond.' I definitely rewound so I could hear her say it again.

Seriously, River Song has ruined me for all other roles Alex may play. *shakes fist* *but only a little bit*
januar: Abby from NCIS looking smug ([ncis] abby)
I finally got around to watching the last episodes of NCIS. Have a reaction. )
januar: Abby from NCIS looking smug ([ncis] abby)
Happy New Year, everyone!

In other news, watching season eight of NCIS gets me thinking about the sedoretu that could happen in that show.

My ot4 is definitely Abby/Tim/Tony/Ziva, with Abby and Tony being one moiety and Tim and Ziva being the other. Evidence: end of season eight. All I'm saying.

I also love the idea of Gibbs and Fornell once being in a sedoretu together, since they share an ex-wife (the ex-wife could be the same moeity as Gibbs). Seriously, when you see scenes of Fornell cooking pasta for the two of them that just scream domestic, you have to ship them.

Besides, I can't help but sing Aerosmith's "Love in an Elevator" every time Gibbs and Fornell have a meeting in the elevator.
januar: Abby from NCIS looking smug ([ncis] abby)
Tonight's episode of NCIS )

This is not spoilery, but I may have a ot4/sedoretu for NCIS. Abby-Tony/Tim-Ziva, yes/yes?


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