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So last night I watched the first three episodes of the new season of Korra.

CLOUD BABIES. But more about them in a sec.

The art and music so far is just gorgeous. Not that it wasn't good last season, but this season it's just pulling me in.

The new characters are so interesting. There are Korra's parents, her father in particular, who at sometime between the White Lotus finding Korra and the present has because Chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Korra's uncle, Chief of the Northern Water Tride, who seems even more spiritual than Tenzin. Korra's creepy twin cousins (who I seriously believe are actually robots) that poor Bolin is now stuck with. The eccentric rich dude. The CLOUD BABIES.

Okay, as much as I'm looking forward to Korra's story as she becomes more spiritual and brings balance, I'm more looking forward to the CLOUD BABIES and family story. Bumi! Who is the oldest and not a bender! Kya! Who is a waterbender and the awesomeness! Tenzin! Who is not new but now we get to see him interacting with his siblings! I think what I love most is the gradual learning about their childhood. Like how Aang took Tenzin on special trips (to ride the Elephant Koi!) but didn't take the other two. Then there's what's going on with the baby air benders. Ikki running off! Jinori finding a different statue! I'm just super excited about everything Vacation Tenzin and CLOUD BABIES.

And yes, I will probably us all caps for those two words for the entire season. I just can't help it. CLOUD BABIES! :D


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