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Guten tag! Bonjour! Hello! Welcome to [personal profile] januar.

A short preview of this journal and me. )

Finally, I do occasionally write fanfiction. My writings from 2004 to present can be found at [personal profile] januar_fic. The fandoms I've written include Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Harry Potter, Milliways RPG, Bandom, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Merlin, and Due South. The master list is here.

Anyway, once again, welcome! I hope you enjoy your visit, and have a fabulous day!
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*sneaks onto dreamwidth*

So. Long time no see!

Most of my internet lurkings have been elsewhere. But I haven't forgotten about you!

Sooo. Hi! How are you?

I wish...

Feb. 8th, 2014 09:55 pm
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You know what is on Netflix? The 1991 television production of Into the Woods, that's what! I found it purely by chance and immediately hit play. I've wanted to see it for so long, there was no way I was going to put it on my list to watch later.

So! Into the Woods! It was just as wonderful as I imagined, and more! The Narrator! The Baker's Wife! The Princes with their Agony! Little Red and her face! The Witch and -her- face! Ahhhh, I am so happy I finally got to see this, I now know the true meaning behind "agony" and [personal profile] skygiants' 'lol no' icon. Seriously, her -face-! Her lines!

(I think there must be a rule for Little Red Riding Hood to be awesome, no matter the adaptation. Little Red in Into the Woods, Ruby in Once Upon a Time, Ruby in RWBY, they're all awesome.)

Now I have a desire to see Sunday in the Park with George. A long long time ago, maybe in high school or middle school, I remember listening to the original broadway cast recording for some reason. Maybe for a class. Anyway, it would be interesting to see a performance of it.

Okay, off to read for at least half an hour. I'd hate to lose more HP after losing 3 HP already today (p.s., HabitRPG is awesome).
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I'm currently on episode 5 of You're Beautiful on Netflix. I have the the Hulu pages for Capital Scandal, Queen & I, Sukyunkwan Scandal, and Coffee Prince bookmarked to watch.

It is not enough. I needs me more kdrama, stat. Even if it will be a while before I get to watching it. I just need to know of the awesome kdrama that exist out there. [personal profile] skygiants, I'm looking at you. You're the reason I plan on watching all these shows. You must tell me of more!

Oh, Stylist, I love you and your clothes and your face. Although I don't know if it beats Tae Kyung's lip pursing sneer. So hard to choose between the two.
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While trying to find an envelope, I found instead a black composition book that has notes for stories I never wrote and will probably never write.

The first story idea was a crossover/fusion of Due South and Fallout 3 where Fraser is the Vault Wanderer who leaves the Vault to wander the Chicago Wasteland in search of his father, meeting Diefenbaker and Ray K along the way. The idea came to me back in 2009.

The second story idea was a Torchwood/Doctor Who AU where Ianto encounters the Weeping Angels, is sent back to 1913, and six months later meets Martha Jones and "John Smith". Elsewhere I have even more notes on this universe, that got confusing and timey wimey, this idea here only being the first story of a conceived series. A series that never happened. This idea for this one was also back in 2009.

The third story idea was a fairy tale retelling in modern times. It was originally a tv show idea, I had even cast all the characters. This was in early 2010, over a year before "Once Upon a Time" aired. My idea wasn't quite the same thing, though. But it was more diverse, with Kandyse McClure as the modern day Sleeping Beauty and Michaela Conlin as the modern day Cinderella.

Who knows, maybe I will write one of these stories one day. You never know.
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Happy Christmas, everyone!
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I accidentally spoiled myself for a very important part of Assassin's Creed IV, a game that I'm not even half way done playing. I didn't mean to, honest! It's just that I love this character so much, and I wanted to see what fanart people had made, so I searched their name on tumblr, and well, tada, spoiled.

But oh, it is the BEST spoiler. Seriously, if you never plan on playing the game, but love characters doing stuff outside of their gender roles, you should read this spoiler. I think you'll feel like I do. At least I hope.

Spoiler of WOW I love that they did this )
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One of the best things about my new place? Fast internet that doesn't have a limit.

Netflix gives me tv shows both old (Classic Who, The X Files, Xena) and new (Sherlock, New Girl, Once Upon a Time), plus some movies.

Hulu gives me K-drama (I can finish watching You're Beautiful) and anime (I think I'm going to try out Attack on Titan).

I can actually stay caught up on tumblr and dreamwidth.

Interwebs, I love you so.

EDIT: Oh, it's turns out Netflix has You're Beautiful on it after all! I'll have to see what else it has, cause I'd much rather watch my shows without ads, thanks.
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It's amazing how missing 2 seasons can make you soooo confused. I just got into Glee (sick curiosity had me watching the first season. damn it for being addictive) and I haven't watched seasons three or four yet, but I just watched the season premiere for season five, and like I said, so confused! When did these certain characters become what is apparently close friends? Especially a certain two characters.

Obviously I need to get caught up. Because I'm obsessed like that.
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So last night I watched the first three episodes of the new season of Korra.

Let me tell you my feeeels. )
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I'm finally watching season 5 of Merlin. The weirdest thing is how -old- Mordred is, while everyone else looks pretty much the same age as they did in the first season.

No, wait, the weirdest thing is clearly a spoiler although I imagine most people who care already know, so do I really need this cut? )
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I'm finally caught up on NCIS.

You would think for a person who waited this long to watch the last six episodes of the season, the three week wait for the next season wouldn't be bad.

Oh my gosh, I want next season NOW. Although with the actor who's leaving, because the show just won't be the same without them. :(
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Today I managed to one, get a massive paper cut on the side of my middle finger right by the knuckle, and two, catch my foot on my quilt when getting out of bed and rug burn my knee really badly. I should change my name to Klutz. It seems appropriate.
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It's hard to believe that I used to post everyday. What on earth did I talk about? Because I'm sitting here thinking, okay, what the heck am I going to post about? I'm really going to do this everyday for 30 days?

I guess I could talk about how I really want it to be November, since November means Ender's Game, Thor, Catching Fire & Doctor Who. It also means I get my vacation pay, since I was hired that month. Mmm, vacation. Maybe I'll head to the East coast the next time I take a vacation. Or just a road trip. Now the big question is, when will I actually get to take a vacation, and can I really afford to?
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Tonight is a great night.

Tonight is the night that college football started back up.

Tomorrow night is a greater night.

Tomorrow night is the night that my team plays their first game of the season.

I love this time of year. :)
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I was wondering: by what criteria is a fandom a "small fandom"? Is it by the number of fanworks one can find of it? And if that's the case, do you use a single site, or more than one?

Let me explain why I'm curious: I'm currently re-reading the Artemis Fowl series, since I hadn't read the last book, and I wanted to refresh my brain on what happened before. I decide to look for fanfiction of the series. AO3 has 193 works. Compared to other fandoms I read on that site, that's not a lot.

However, is it a "small fandom"? Another site would beg to differ.

I occasionally go to fanfiction dot net in an attempt to find stories that AO3 doesn't have a lot of. The fanfic count for Artemis Fowl: 4.7K. 4700~. That is definitely not a small number.

I really am curious, especially since I'm thinking (only thinking, not sure if I actually will) of signing up this year's Yuletide exchange.

Please tell me: what defines a "small fandom"?
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One of the few mornings in the week when I don't have to be at work, and when do I wake up? Around five o'clock. And then I mess up going back to sleep by looking at my phone. This included reading Homestuck updates, watching some vids, and playing Candy Crush (Candy Crush, btw? Very addictive. I blame a couple of the gals at my work for this new obsession.)

Part of my plans for today include fighting aliens with super powers, but since I can't do that until my brother leaves for work, in the meantime I think I'll start a load of laundry and keep working on my reading pile. Current series re-read/catch up: four books down, four to go.

EDIT: Shoot, I have something due at the library today and I can't renew. Maybe before I do anything else, I'll take a trip into town and drop it in the drop box. Maybe get breakfast while I'm at it. Breakfast sounds good.
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Teen Wolf: the show where you want to ship EVERYBODY.

Example: I ship Scott/Allison, Scott/Lydia, Scott/Isaac, Erika/Boyd, Stiles/Derek, Stiles/Lydia, Isaac/Cora, Boyd/Cora, Danny/Ethan, Jennifer/a sword through her heart, Scott/Allison/Isaac, Erika/Boyd/Cora, Puppy Pile (aka everyone). Plus probably several others.

Only two more episodes until the mid season break. Then a five months wait. Argh. The wait between seasons and mid-seasons: the worst thing about being caught up on a currently running show.
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Although I don't play at Milliways anymore, it is quite obvious that it and the characters I played will always be a part of me.

I'm currently reading "The Heroes of Olympus" series by Rick Riordan, which is the sequel series to the Percy Jackson books.

The first book had mention of Iris having kids, which had me wishing I still played and someone else played her son. Oh, the fun!

The second book had Iris herself, which had me grinning and adjusting my mental image of the goddess, and wishing I could bring this Iris into the bar.

I'm on the third book, and one of the characters said something, and out of nowhere this girl repeats what he said. I don't have to read any further to know who that is. I squealed out loud, along with an "Echo!", all the while grinning like a loon. I imagine I'll be grinning throughout the whole part she's in. Because. Echo!

So yeah, Milliways still has a grip on me.
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I have 20 days to finish 13 items, 13 days to finish a tv show season, and 18 days to finish another item (which I can't start yet until the book before it comes in and I read that one). Plus I'm getting another two books today, which will make it 21 days for them.

So basically, I have to finish 17 items in roughly three weeks if I don't want to renew them. That's a little less than 3 days per item.

Also, my hold list jumped up from 15 to 26. *facepalms*


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