Jul. 26th, 2013

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I finished rewatching Book 1 of AtLA last night. The results were much more pleasing than the 8 episodes before.

On names: names are a funny thing. Especially when you have characters such as the Mechanist and the Herbalist. That's why I decided to go back to the basic rule: two women, having a conversation. I would prefer them to have a name, but if not, I'll live. Kinda.

Book 1, Chapters 13-20 )

It may be a little bit before I start Book 2. I had 15 (!) items come into the library between yesterday and today, one of which was a tv show. I also might do a review (but not a Bechdel testing) of the first part of the AtLA graphic novel "The Lost Adventures". I'm thinking after I finish watching a season, I'll review the part of TLA that corresponds with that season. And before I start Legend of Korra, I'll review "The Promise". I probably won't do "The Search" until all the volumes are out.

Oh, in case you hadn't heard? Two more months until new Korra! Woooo!
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I decided to go for a paid account again. Now I have to narrow all the icons I have saved down to 73. Less than that, really, since I kind of want to find icons for some of my more reason fandoms, like The Hunger Games, Teen Wolf, Adventure Time. That sort of stuff.

Too many choices. Too many.


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